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Morgan Design in the Summer of 2016 completed the new San Diego Padres Hall of Fame at Petco Park. It features 13 monoliths celebrating the current inductees and an in-depth timeline telling the history of baseball in San Diego from the 1930s through the current day. The timeline celebrates the greatest moments of the franchise and showcases several important pieces of memorabilia, as well as several hundred still images and videos that appear in print and digitally on monitors. In the back corner of the Hall of Fame lies the Sony Experience theater. It features 4K short throw projectors utilizing three projection screens wrapping more than 25 feet in length and includes an interactive display designed for fans to navigate the content. The space was designed to be refined yet informal, bright while also intimate, grand while still feeling personal, so all of the visitors, regardless of their attire, feel at home celebrating their team and rich history of baseball in their city.