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Southwest University Park has made an outstanding commitment to local artists and nonprofit organizations focused on educating children in the fine arts by dedicating a large amount of space to public art throughout the ballpark. Morgan Design worked closely with Creative Kids, a nationally recognized nonprofit organization founded in El Paso, to create several original art pieces for the WestStar Bank Club and team offices.  The result was a piece that has become affectionately known as the “Warhol Chihuahuas” and features 40 original digitally screened images of a Chihuahua head that were created by children between the ages of 3 and 17. The corridors of the WestStar Bank Club also serve as a rotating gallery of artwork (both original and reproductions) by children participating in the Creative Kids organization.

Morgan Design created large scale reproductions of artwork by Tom Lea and Frederick Carter, two local El Paso artists, in an effort to expose the ballpark’s visitors to an important part of El Paso art history and culture.  The three featured pieces by Frederick Carter are of the International Bridge connecting El Paso to Juarez, Mexico, and paintings of the two previous ballparks in El Paso, Dudley Field and Cohen Stadium.  The Tom Lea featured pieces are combinations of landscapes and people that reflect the local landscape and history of the area.